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Patty Bashe's Blogging Adventure

IEP Season Returns (Again)

Not sure how to explain your child's strengths, interests, "issues"? Wondering which learning supports and interventions will really help?
Welcome to The OASIS Guide, now in its third, fully revised and updated edition.

Since its initial publication in 2001, The OASIS Guide to Asperger Syndrome has been recognized as the go-to how-to for understanding and helping someone who lives with Asperger syndrome. Revised in 2005, it continues to find readers who appreciate its combination of parent savvy and expert guidance.

When I cowrote the first edition with Barb Kirby, I was "just" the mother of a son with AS and a writer who wanted to put in one book everything I wish I'd known from the start. We always agreed: This was not going to be a mommy's memoir or an argument for one particular approach. We chose to take a broader and, I believe, ultimately more helpful approach. Four years later, I was a certified special education teacher and on my way to becoming a behavior analyst.

Today, I'm still the mother of child with AS--now a tall, handsome twenty-seven-year-old --and also behavior analyst at St. Mary's Hospital for Children's Cindy and Tod Johnson Center for Pediatric Feeding Disorders, in Queens, NY. Prior to that, I was a school district autism consultant and a senior education specialist at the Cody Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities at Stony Brook Children's Hospital, and then lead BCBA at the largest special-needs preschool in Nassua County, Long Island, New York. For this new third edition, I have brought together the best of both parent and expert perspectives. As a consultant, I have sat on both sides of the IEP meeting table. And as a teacher, I have learned the how and way of interventions, what works and what doesn't. I will help you learn how to "crack the code" your child's behavioral, academic, self-help, and social issues. As a mom, I will help you bring it all together in a way that makes intervention practical and good results achievable.

Dr. Tony Attwood, author of The Complete Guide to Asperger Syndrome, writes in his new foreword:

"It is difficult to keep pace with all the new knowledge [about Asperger syndrome], and I am so pleased that this third edition provides a comprehensive, unbiased, and clear description of our current state of knowledge. . . . It is almost an encyclopedia of Asperger syndrome, its wise advice based on reviewing the research literature and a personal and insightful perspective."

Michael John Carley, author of Asperger's from the Inside-Out and the founder of GRASP, the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership, wrote in his foreword to this edition:

"Few books address anywhere near the dearth of topics as does this volume. . . . Patty Bashe answers every parent's concern: from the first hints of suspicion about a toddler to the day in which our children outlive us. It is that comprehensive."

Another excellent source for navigating IEP World is special education attorney Peter Wright's amazing website, Wrightslaw: www.wrightslaw.com.

Also visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/aspergerguide/. I often post links to IEP law and special education resources.

Best of luck,